Richard Ansell

Richard Ansell
Member of PRiSM

Richard AnsellRichard is a Senior Lecturer and the Director of Student Education in the School of Chemistry with his research interest being focused on analytical and materials chemistry. At present he also holds the position of Faculty Blended Learning Champion, where he is expected to be aware of current pedagogical research especially when it concerns blended learning, and to act as an advisor to members of the Faculty.

Some forms of blended learning that Richard has introduced into the curriculum, includes online assessments which he implemented roughly 10 years ago. He recognised the limitation of tutorials and in response replaced these with online assessments for his module, which received positive feedback from students. He places emphasis on the evaluation of methods and has held structured focus groups to receive feedback from students.

He has been at the forefront of implementing new technologies within his teaching with experience in using the ‘Flipped Classroom’ method, capturing his lectures and notes using an electronic tablet which is made available to students electronically. As the University of Leeds is implementing their Lecture Capture Project, Richard hopes to share his expertise in this area as he has been experimenting with the possibilities and evaluated their efficiency. He states that there is an ever-increasing expectation to enhance teaching as new technologies present new tools which, in turn, spark innovations, however it is important to evaluate these tools and highlight what works and what does not.

By engaging with a larger research network such as PRiSM, Richard can share his experience with other members with the additional possibility to publish his findings. He believes that PRiSM is beneficial as it will encourage academics to evaluate their teaching and be continually improving their teaching.

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