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Formed in 2014, the Pedagogic Research in Sciences and Mathematics (PRiSM) Group focuses on developing an evidence-based approach to enhancing student education in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences. The group visibly demonstrates the Faculty’s and the University’s commitment to providing students with an exceptional educational experience through curriculum development that is underpinned by both disciplinary and pedagogic research.

The PRiSM group share common interest in pedagogic research, where members develop and implement and evaluate innovative teaching strategies. The group provides a supportive platform where new research and findings can be shared, disseminated and published, as well as facilitating the adaptation of proven effective practice from across the Institution and Higher Education sector.

PRiSM builds links between the different Schools in the Faculty and beyond, where there is a shared vision among all members, allowing research and findings not to exist in isolation, but to be connected to its wider context which benefits all stakeholders involved. These activities enhance the reputation of the University as a world class destination for student education.