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Research Project Funding

December 2010
£40k National HE STEM Programme funding for “Engaging with Employers to Enhance the Employability of Mathematics Graduates” Project
M. Messmer and S. Pugh

August 2011 £40k RSC/National HE STEM Programme funding to deliver an OER, “Business Skills for Chemists” module
S Pugh and P McGowan

June 2012
£60k HE Academy Collaborative Teaching Development Grant  to develop a new module – Chemistry: Making a Difference, in collaboration with the Universities of Hull and Warwick
S Maw, P McGowan and S Pugh
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August 2012
£750 to organise and host an Interdisciplinary Employability seminar for the HE Academy. Over 80 delegates from across the UK attended. S Pugh and R Hallett

Oct 2012
£10k HE Academy Black & Minority Ethnic Strategic Development Project funding for “Co-construction and Collective Understanding of Assessment Criteria” focused on final year UG research projects.
K Tapley et al.
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July 2014

£30k Context and Problem Based Learning Resources, Royal Society of Chemistry. S. Pugh.
Read More Here: Education in Chemistry Jan 2017

January 2017

0.2 FTE + 3k (LITE) + 1.6k (Chemistry) LITE Teaching Enhancement Project - A strategy to enhance conceptual understanding using active learning. N. Mistry

January 2017

15k University Student Education Fellowship (University of Leeds) - Project title TBC. N. Mistry

September 2017

LITE Excellence and Innovation Fellowship (University of Leeds) - Reimagining University Assessment by Learning from Secondary Education, S. Pugh

LITE Excellence and Innovation Fellowship (University of Leeds) - Maximising and Exploiting Assessment Criteria Through Inclusive Co-construction , K. Tapley


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Open-educational resources

Mistry, N., Narramore, S., Burslem, G., 2016. Recycling the undesired enantiomer of naproxen: a context/problem-based learning (C/PBL) resource. Learn Chemistry [Online]. Available from

Mistry, N. University of Leeds – Chemistry laboratories. YouTube [Online]. Available from:

Conference talks

Mistry, N., 2016. Revising the Undergraduate Laboratory Curriculum: A case study from Chemistry at the University of Leeds. Teaching Academy Seminar Series: University of Birmingham, 3 February, Birmingham

Mistry N., 2015. Design your own purification: a guided-inquiry experiment for the first year chemistry laboratory. Variety in Chemistry Education Physics Higher Education Conference, 20 August, Nottingham

Mistry N., and Pugh. S., 2015. New RSC context/problem based learning resources for chemistry. Variety in Chemistry Education Physics Higher Education Conference, 20 August, Nottingham