Stephen Scott
Member of PRiSM

Steve has been a member of the School of Chemistry at the University of Leeds since 1985, where he has fulfilled a variety of roles ranging from the Head of Chemistry, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, and Head of Physics. At present he holds the position of Dean of Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Sciences where he has a keen focus on all aspects relating to the interests and welfare of staff and students.

Despite his other responsibilities, Steven remains a lecturer and teaches on a variety of modules, including Physics at first-year level and teaching mathematical skills to Physicists and Chemists. He has published two workbooks in collaboration with students, entitled Beginning Mathematics for Chemistry as well as Beginning Calculations for Physical Chemistry.

As Dean, Steve was keen to set up a group that focuses on pedagogical research in Mathematics and Physical Sciences at the University of Leeds. It was his aim to pull individuals together into a co-ordinated group. With new thinking in education surrounding enterprise and industrial collaboration, Steve responded by developing PRiSM in collaboration with colleagues to encourage individuals to focus on pedagogical research and develop new ideas. The group will act as a network in which information regarding relevant workshops, discussions and conferences will be distributed.

Steve hopes that PRiSM will not only stimulate individuals, but provide them with the necessary confidence and support to implement their ideas. Furthermore, PRiSM will provide rigorous testing, similar to a process of a research experiment, where if individuals have a hypothesis, they could be provided with a network of individuals with pedagogical interest who could help in analysing the data and reporting the findings. PRiSM has no formal membership process, as Stephen wants the group to be accessible and non-exclusive in embracing new members. He suggests that timing has played an important part in the development of PRiSM as the University of Leeds is evermore emphasising the student experience.